OrgSync Quick Tips – Events, Calendar, QR Codes, Files, Forms

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Hello there!

Our Graduate Assistant, Kelli, is doing some bi-weekly presentations on OrgSync. Once she does a presentation, we’ll post the “blog version” on here so if you missed it, or just need a refresher, you can have the opportunity to see it. The first week was OrgSync Training 1so check out the blog version below or open up the PowerPoint version of OrgSync Training 1.

OrgSync Log-In

  1. using Firefox (works the best for OrgSync)
  2. Choose ‘Log-In’ from the top right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Tarleton State University’ as the Community
  4. Use your NTNET (st_ and password) to complete the log-in

Quick Facts

Most basic information is automatically downloaded into OrgSync for you; just add in your photo, strengths, and a couple other things to complete your profile.

Password changes that apply to your NTNET also apply to OrgSync automatically. If you can’t log in, check your password to make sure it isn’t expired. If you still need help, contact the Computer Help Desk (they’re really nice!) at 254.968.9885 or reset your password using T-Synch from the Tarleton website.

Remember, your news-feed is the most recent information from organizations you are a member of. This is the quickest, easiest way to keep track of what’s happening with your groups.



  • Search by: Organization Name, Keyword, Type


  • Located under ‘Manage Account’
  • Phone number, email and other aspects can be changed
  • Add cell phone number to receive texts – keep in mind your number can remain private (no one can view it but you can still receive texts from groups you’re a member of)

Organizational Events

  • NOT the same as an Activity Permit
  • Must have ‘Administrator’ access to the organization you’re trying to create an event for
  • Your event WILL NOT be accepted until the Activity Permit is turned in AND approved
  • NOTICE: Paper Activity Permits are still required for student organizations until notified otherwise.

Creating Organizational Events

  1. Find the group you are assigned ‘Administrator’ for
  2. Click ‘Create Event’ on right sidebar
  3. Fill in blanks with basic information (add a photo to better illustrate the event)
  4. Decide who can see the event (selected groups for mixers/Greek Life/Colleges)
  5. Decide who is allowed to participate (RSVP or invite only; are waivers/registration needed, etc.)
  6. Post Assessment (require reflections or learning outcomes)
  7. Submit – wham bam, you’re done!

Promote/Share an Organizational Event

  • Create the event! Once an event is created and approved, via the permit, the event will show up on your organizational feed. Viewing will depend on the privacy settings of event.
  • To promote the event on the community homepage click ‘promote’ below the event name. A pop up with a banner will open – edit to your own specifications and submit.
  • To share the event select ‘Generate QR Code’, ‘Share on Facebook’, or ‘Post to Twitter’ from the ‘Share’ button below the event name.


  • Once the event is created and accepted, it will automatically post to the OrgSync calendar. The calendar is color coordinated based on the type of event.


  • All forms and materials from Student Activities in one location…hello easy access!
  • You can create a folder that is personalized to your group and that is only viewable by your membership. Add a file to a specific folder or just in the general file folder.


  • Create forms for nominations, elections, or just generic questions to your organization.
  • Features including creating applications and the ability to add instructions or specific questions. You can even upload your resume!
  • After you receive the forms, you can view them online, export them individually to a PDF, or export the entire set to an Excel file. The work is done for you- SCORE!


Okay folks – how do you feel about OrgSync now? This is just the basics, and there’s a TON more to learn about OrgSync. Kelli is doing these lessons over the lunch hour on Wednesday’s. All sessions are held in the O-Zone (Room 34 of the Thompson Student Center) from 12:10 – 12:50 pm. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of spring:

February 20 – People, Communication, To-Do Lists

March 6 – E-Portfolio, Co-Curricular Transcript

March 20  – Treasury, Budget Management, OrgSync Store

April 3 – Photos/Bookmarks and Video

April 17 – Website Building/Pages


We hope you can join us for a face-to-face OrgSync session, but if you can’t then just follow along here. If at any time you have any questions, need clarification, or want more information, let us know! You can email Kelli at or call 254.968.9256 to get her professional insight.

Thanks for reading!

Bleed Purple,

TSU Student Activities