OrgSync: People, Contact Books, Discussions

Hey all!

Here’s the second week of Kelli’s OrgSync Trainingso check out the blog version below or open up the PowerPoint version of OrgSync Training 2 – Part 1.

OrgSync Log-In

  1. using Firefox (works the best for OrgSync)
  2. Choose ‘Log-In’ from the top right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Tarleton State University’ as the Community
  4. Use your NTNET (st_ and password) to complete the log-in


  • Create Groups and add existing members to them for easier, more efficient communication. Administrators and officer group names are ready to rock and roll, you just have to add members to populate those groups. If you have other committees within your organization you can add in a specific group with its unique name and add members to that as well.
  • Customize Permission Settings – You control what content and information people see if you serve as a group administrator.
  • People Profiles – See members OrgSync profiles, permission settings and memberships.
  • Invite People to Join – You have the ability to send personalized invitations for new people to join your organization. Include a personal message with their invitation for added pizazz!


Contact Books

What is this thing?

It’s an online directory that can be beneficial for current and future officers to have important contact information for vendors, national contacts, even people that help out with things like activity permits…like Student Activities!

Can I important contacts from somewhere else?

YES…but unfortunately, only from Gmail accounts right now. If this changes, we’ll definitely let you know.

How do I add a Contact Book?

Follow these steps:

  1. 1.       Hover over the Communication tab from the toolbar on the left side of the OrgSync screen
  2. 2.       Select Contact Books
  3. 3.       Select Create A Contact Book
  4. Name the book, describe it, and select who can see it.
    1. Keep in mind, you have four options- Public (anyone on OrgSync), Tarleton (people with NTNET that can log into our community), just your organization, or selected groups within your organization
    2. Add an Entry
      1. You’ll have the option to fill out the person’s Name, Title/Organization, Email address, Phone Number, Website, and even add a personal description (this would come in handy to determine how your group knows this person, or when you need them/what their specialty is!)


Why should I use this feature?

Think of it as a way to get member feedback that doesn’t mean you have a million and one Facebook notifications, emails, or text messages. You can receive feedback from your organization in a private forum, and all members can give input. Don’t want to add your advisor on FB to get their advice through the FB group? Problem solved.

How does the stream work?

The discussion is divided into categories and topics. When you create a new discussion forum you can choose how to separate it out.

Who is reading my posts?

Only the people the administrator allows. Pretty much everything about OrgSync is permission based, discussion posts included. The creator has the option of choosing who can view each discussion- again it’s the Public, Tarleton, group, or selected groups options.


Does this help you figure out how to communicate with your organization? There is still a lot more to learn about using OrgSync to keep your organization on the same page. There was so much information that this presentation is broken up into two parts, but don’t worry- the next part is coming soon!

Don’t forget that all of Kelli’s lessons are over the lunch hour on Wednesday’s. All sessions are held in the O-Zone (Room 34 of the Thompson Student Center) from 12:10 – 12:50 pm. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of spring:

March 6 – E-Portfolio, Co-Curricular Transcript

March 20 – Treasury, Budget Management, OrgSync Store

April 3 – Photos/Bookmarks and Video

April 17 – Website Building/Pages


We hope you can join us for a face-to-face OrgSync session, but if you can’t then just follow along here. If at any time you have any questions, need clarification, or want more information, let us know! You can email Kelli at or call 254.968.9256 to get her professional insight.

Thanks for learning with us!

Bleed Purple,

TSU Student Activities