OrgSync: Email, News, Polls, Messaging

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Here’s the second part of week two of Kelli’s OrgSync Trainingso check out the blog version below or open up the PowerPoint version of OrgSync Training 2 – pt 2!

OrgSync Log-In

  1. using Firefox (works the best for OrgSync)
  2. Choose ‘Log-In’ from the top right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Tarleton State University’ as the Community
  4. Use your NTNET (st_ and password) to complete the log-in


Email Lists

The whole point of an email list is to send emails easily to specific people or groups. With an email list you can choose which group you want to send your message to (admins, officers, all members, etc.), you can use the search option to send to specific people only, or you can use your previously created contact book to send emails to vendors, entertainers, etc. all in one stop.

To create an email list follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the “Communication” link on the left hand side of the organization page
  2. Select “Email Lists”
  3. Select “Create an Email List”
  4. Choose the type of list you’d like to create
  5. Add the description
  6. Hit “Create List”
  7. Select the name of the list you just created and choose which members you want to add
  8. Hit “Submit” aaaaand…
  9. Ta-da! You’re done!


What is this feature?

The news feature is very similar to a blog. It offers quick summaries on your homepage with the option to view the entire news article. This is an easy way to keep your organization informed by posting news or information about events. You can even send your news as an email!

Who can see my news?

News can be public OR private. You choose the settings. If it’s an open invitation event or meeting, or just general information, absolutely make it public! Does it deal with information that is super top-secret? What if it’s only relevant to your organization, or even just officers? Set it up as private and choose who can see that news.

How is news formatted and stored?

News can be formatted to fit your style. It helps add the little details to your post that makes it stand out. Once news is posted, it’s archived automatically. News is sorted by month and can be searched using keywords if you need to access it later and don’t remember when it was posted. The search feature is also used in case someone is just browsing the site looking for particular information. Make sure you’re using good keywords!

To create a news post, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the “Communication” link on the left hand side of the organization page
  2. Select “News”
  3. Select “Create News Post”
  4. Enter the title and body of the news post
  5. Select whether you’d like to email the news, add a photo, and who it will be visible to
  6. Hit “Post” and you’re done! Easy peasy.


Why should I use a poll?

Polls are sooooo easy! They are a quick way to get instant feedback on events, or can be used to plan your events. Survey your members to decide what kind of event to have, when, what kind of food to have served, etc.

Is it an A/B/C/D poll?

Not necessarily! It can have that regular radio button, choose one only type of poll, if you want it to be. You can also allow the people respond to answer with more than one option, so they can do the “check all that apply” type of thing.

What about the details?

Are you worried about results? It’s up to you to hide or show the results. You decide everything! When you want the poll to open/close, to allow public or private access, even what the answer options are. You’re in control!

Can responders give additional feedback?

Absolutely! You can allow the responders to comment before or after the results are displayed. You can also share the poll on Facebook or Twitter in case all of your members (or those you’re interested in polling) don’t always check OrgSync.

To create a poll, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the “Communication” link on the left hand side of the organization page
  2. Select “Polls”
  3. Select “Create A Poll”
  4. Enter the poll question, options, and adjust the settings to your liking
  5. Hit “Create”
  6. Select “Publish” on the next page and voila! You’ve created a poll.


Last but certainly not least with the communications tools is messaging. There are two types of messaging that can be done via OrgSync- general message (like an email) and text messaging.

If you choose to use the regular messaging feature you can add photos and links to your message and send to the entire community, specific groups, or even just a few recipients.

Follow these steps to send a message through OrgSync:

  1. Hover over the “Communication” link on the left hand side of the organization page
  2. Select “Messaging”
  3. Choose which members you want to send to- you can sort by viewing all members, lists, or send to everyone
  4. Type in your subject, body, add whatever photos or links you need
  5. Hit “Send” and your message is distributed to your selected members

Text messaging through OrgSync is not only super easy, but it’s convenient too! It allows for quick direct communication that is targeted to specific groups of people. Send totally, 100% FREE text messages to your members with a few clicks online. What?? Did you read that right?? Text messaging for FREE?? Yes, you did! No more having to manually type in everyone’s number (or search for them) in your phone, saving people’s names with how you know them after it, and you don’t have to spend the rest of the afternoon waiting on replies to your personal phone.

Follow these steps to send text messages through OrgSync:

  1. Hover over the “Communication” link on the left hand side of the organization page
  2. Select “SMS/Texting”
  3. Choose which members you want to send to- you can sort by members or lists (“everyone” comes up under the lists tab)
  4. Type the body of the message
  • Remember this is going through as a text message, so your body shouldn’t be super long. Keep in mind that some carriers/phones won’t accept messages over 120 characters so it may not go through if it’s too long.
  1. Hit “Send” and your text is on its way to your members!

With the text message feature, please know that members will only appear in this list if they have provided a mobile number, selected a mobile provider and enabled text message from organizations.

To add their phone number to their profile, members can hover over the gear icon in the top right corner of any page, select “Manage Account”, add their phone number in the “Edit Profile” tab, and hide their cell number under the “Privacy” tab if they aren’t comfortable with it being visible to the Tarleton network.


Okay, what did you think of this section? This is just the basics of the Communication tools on OrgSync.

Everything that we cover in our blog is something that Kelli has already done during her OrgSync lessons. Don’t forget that these are held over the lunch hour on Wednesday’s. All sessions are held in the O-Zone (Room 34 of the Thompson Student Center) from 12:10 – 12:50 pm. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of spring:

March 20 – Treasury, Budget Management, OrgSync Store

April 3 – Photos/Bookmarks and Video

April 17 – Website Building/Pages


We hope you can join us for a face-to-face OrgSync session, but if you can’t then just follow along here. If at any time you have any questions, need clarification, or want more information, let us know! You can email Kelli at or call 254.968.9256 to get her professional insight.

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