OrgSync: ePortfolio & Co-Curricular Transcript

It’s a beautiful Monday to create your ePortfolio and Co-Curricular Transcript!

This post will be shorter than usual, but very beneficial!

OrgSync Log-In

  1. using Firefox (works the best for OrgSync)
  2. Choose ‘Log-In’ from the top right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Tarleton State University’ as the Community
  4. Use your NTNET (st_ and password) to complete the log-in


So, you know what a portfolio is, right? A portfolio would typically showcase your talents in print by holding documents you’ve written, created, arranged, whatever. When it comes to an ePortfolio, you’re working with the same thing, but a million times better. An ePortfolio can show your talents a lot quicker and easier than a regular portfolio, and can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. ePortfolios are more in depth than a resume; it can show personal history and even organizational performance.

Since an ePortfolio is basically like a personal website, you can organization and document your education, employment history, show your work samples and receive recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Some other nifty benefits of having an ePortfolio include being able to track your education and involvement while marketing yourself to employers, and having the chance to enhance your applications for graduate schools, scholarships, and jobs. With an ePortfolio you can even collect and categorize projects to make them more accessible, all while maintaining a more professional online appearance.

To create an ePortfolio, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the “My Tools” tab on the purple toolbar
  2. Click on “ePortfolio”
  3. Get started by typing in your portfolio URL
  4. Update the rest of your settings (as prompted after submitting the URL)
  5. Add information into the various sections highlighted on the left side
    1. Biography- personal information, history
    2. Involvement- college and community activities
    3. Academics- course projects and/or papers
    4. Employment- any and all employment allowed
    5. Documents- resumes, links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (make sure they’re professional!)
    6. Recommendations- letters from previous and current employers or professors
  6. Select “View ePortfolio” to take a peek and see what else needs to be updated/edited
  7. You’re done!

Co-Curricular Transcript

Insert text…

To create a Co-Curricular Transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the “My Tools” tab on the purple toolbar
  2. Click on “Involvement”
  3. Select “Manage Involvement” to view what you’ve already put in, or select “Add Involvement Entry” to put your involvement in
  4. Once you’re done select “Request Official Transcript”
  5. After this step, you’re done! The Office of Student Activities will then receive the request, send it to OrgSync, then it will come to you. Please expect a few days delay when ordering a co-curricular transcript.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this portion of OrgSync! If you have any questions, contact Kelli at 254.968.9256 or


Thanks for reading!

Bleed Purple,

TSU Student Activities